Glimpses from the RESADE project meeting in The Gambia

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Some glimpses from the RESADE project prospection mission and stakeholders meeting in #TheGambia on 01-05 July 2019.

RESADE in Mozambique

Interview with Mrs. Acucena Fernando David Guila, Director, District Directorate of Economic Activities of Moamba, Mozambique.

TV Togo about stakeholder’s meeting about water resources management in Togo
A workshop was organized on 8-9 July 2019 in the Hotel du Golf, Lomé, to examine the opportunities, challenges and gaps in water management in Togo.
TV Togo coverage about ITRA-ICBA collaboration within the RESADE project
ICBA and ITRA Togo (Togo Institute for Agricultural Research) have signed a project agreement named RESADE to tackle the salinity problem in Togo.