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Legal status

ITRA is a public institution of scientific and agricultural character endowed with moral personality and autonomy of management. It has four guiding, administrative and implementing bodies which are:

  • The Supervisory Board
  • Board of directors
  • Scientific advice
  • The general direction


  • Contribute to the definition and implementation of research and study policies for agricultural development;
  • Produce scientific information with a view to sustainably improving the productivity of agricultural systems;
  • Contribute to the sustainable increase of agricultural productivity and production through the development and implementation of research programs and the development of adapted agricultural and agri-food technologies;
  • Transfer technologies generated and other scientific achievements to partners (extension agents, producers, teachers, scientists, etc.);
  • Contribute to training and scientific and technical information of partners


  • Improve the productivity of food crops essential for food security and poverty reduction;
  • Improve the productivity of crops grown for exploitation and promote new exportable products;
  • Improve production systems through the sustainable management of soils and other productive resources and through the integrated management of pests through the development of agricultural techniques adapted to the needs of small producers and respecting the environment;
  • Intensify and stabilize animal and fish production systems through the modernization of farms and the fight against major animal diseases;
  • Improve the conservation, processing and quality of products as well as the adaptation of small technology in rural areas.


Route Nationale N°1, Km 10 Agoè Cacavéli - BP 1163 Lomé - Togo